Family Picture 2020-21

Alexandra (Sasha) Noriko, Age 5

  • Mixed media
  • Acrylic paint, crayons, markers, pastel on plyboard
  • 900(w) 1220(h) 9(d) mm

This artwork began during the lockdown of December 2020. It originally started as a doodle of Alexandra’s mummy and daddy. She then revisited and gradually worked on the piece over the next 12 months. At times Alexandra would work on it for consecutive days, then leave it for a month or two, before returning to it to explore and introduce a medium that is new to her. The theme of this work is her immediate family. The two towering figures are Mummy (left) and Daddy (right). As the painting developed, Alexandra included her younger sibling, pet dog, toy characters from her collection and a self-portrait (bottom right with rainbow hair and crown).