A selection of frequently asked questions and answers, if information relevant to your question isn’t shown below please get in touch here.

Who can take part in the Young Artists’ Summer Show?

All UK schools (including British Schools overseas) can register to take part in the Young Artists’ Summer Show with students aged 5 - 19 years. Once a teacher has registered their school, artworks can be submitted online by the students themselves (if over 13) or on their behalf by the teacher or parent/guardian.

How do I get involved?

To take part in the Young Artists’ Summer Show, a teacher must first register their school.

Once a school is registered, artworks can be submitted online by the student themselves (if over 13) or on their behalf by a teacher or their parent/guardian.

Artwork submissions must be submitted online before the deadline.

What are the rules?

Our only specification is that the artwork is created by a student aged between 5 - 19 years at the time of submission. There is no theme to the submission and artworks can be created previously, at home or at school. We only accept online submissions.

How many students can submit artwork per school?

There is no limit to the number of students per school who submit artwork as long as they are between 5-19 years of age. Please note, the maximum number of entries per student is 3.

I am a student, can I take part as an individual?

To participate a teacher has to register your school first. Once your school is registered you can create an account and submit your artwork! If your school is not registered why not persuade a teacher to sign up?

I am at a British International school, can I submit an artwork?

Yes, the Young Artists’ Summer Show is open to all UK schools and British schools overseas.

Do you have to pay to submit an artwork?

No! Participating in the Young Artists’ Summer Show is free.

Can I send an artwork submission by post?

We only accept artwork submissions online with digital images or files of your artwork. Please do not send any artwork submissions to the Royal Academy.

What type of artwork can I submit?

There is no theme for the Young Artists’ Summer Show, so you can submit any artwork of your choice. It can be anything from a painting, sculpture, photograph, installation or a video piece. We will accept any artworks! Check out the online exhibition here to see the range of artworks submitted in previous years.

Does the artwork need to have been created this year?

No! The artwork can be created at any time, as long as the student is aged between 5 - 19 years at the time of submission.

Can I submit a collaborative artwork?

Yes! We welcome collaborative artwork entries and there is no limit to the number of students involved. The student names or group name can be added within the name ‘alias’ field on the artwork submission form.

Can I submit an artwork that is part of a GCSE, A Level or BTEC exam?

We are aware that the exhibition dates clash with the examination period for GCSE, A Level and BTEC students. Applicants within these year groups are encouraged to submit alternative artwork to avoid any issues.

How are the artworks judged?

All of the artworks are judged by a dedicated panel of judges. There are two panels, one for primary (ages 5 - 11/key stages 1 - 2) and one for secondary (ages 11 - 19/key stages 3 - 5). Each panel consists of a Royal Academician, a member of Royal Academy staff and two Royal Academy Schools students.

What are the prizes?

Prizes are awarded for two inspiring artworks from each key stage, as chosen by the judges. Members of the public are also able to vote for their favourite artwork in the People’s Choice Award. All prizewinners receive vouchers for art materials plus a free practical workshop for their school.

I am a teacher and I registered last year, can I use the same log in?

Yes! If you have previously registered for the Young Artists’ Summer Show and remain working at the same school, you can use the same details to login in subsequent years. Once registration is open, you will need to log into your account to activate it before students from your school can submit artwork. If you have moved schools please create a new account for your new school.

I am a teacher and I haven’t received my account activation email.

Once you complete the registration form you should receive an email to activate your account. Make sure to check your junk mail! If you haven’t received this you can request a new activation email on the account log in page here. Click on the question ‘Didn’t receive account activation instructions?’ to be sent a new activation email. If you have still not received the activation email, please check with your school IT department as this may be a firewall issue.

I am having problems submitting my artwork file.

Uploading an image file: Please ensure that you have selected the images to upload before selecting ‘upload’. Files must not exceed 5MB and images must be in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.

Uploading a video file: All video files must be submitted via YouTube or Vimeo. Please note to use these sites you are required to agree to their terms and conditions.

Can I edit or delete an artwork submission?

You can edit or delete an artwork submission from within your account. On each submission there is an edit and delete option. If you would like to delete an artwork after the submission deadline please get in touch with us at yass@royalacademy.org.uk.

When will I find out if my artwork has been chosen for the exhibition?

All individuals who have submitted artworks will receive an update on the status of their artwork submission by the end of May 2021.

If my artwork is selected for the on-site exhibition, how do I arrange for the artwork to be delivered?

If your artwork is chosen for the on-site exhibition we will be in touch with further details regarding the artwork delivery and collection.

Can I buy an artwork from the Young Artists Summer Show?

The RA will not be selling artworks on behalf of the artists, however we are able to put you in touch directly with the artist if you are interested in purchasing their artwork – where it is available/for sale. If you are interested in buying an artwork from the Young Artists Summer Show, please contact us at yass@royalacademy.org.uk.

My school wants to write an article for our local newspaper, please can we have a logo and/or the press release?

Wonderful! You can download a copy of our logo here. Please refer to our terms and conditions on usage. For any other press and media enquiries please get in touch with further details by emailing us at YASS@royalacademy.org.uk.