Happy Times Under An Oak Tree

Mahin, Age 12

  • Drawing
  • A4 portrait

The main inspiration for my artwork comes from my garden in our old house. Towering over it is a massive oak tree. Whenever we went outside, we would usually do some activity that revolved around it. Raking the leaves on the lawn that had fallen from it, trimming the weeds around it. In the summer we would read our books under the shade of its branches. It was the main hiding spot in games of hide-and-seek. We even once attempted to climb it, although that didn't end well. And it was not only us that enjoyed the presence of the tree. The acorns and the spacious branches were delights to birds and squirrels. These birds and squirrels brought the natural predators— hawks, owls, foxes and more! When I moved house, I made many sketches of that special oak tree.