Sunday Slow Selfie

Hettie, Age 14

  • Painting
  • Oil paint on paper
  • A3 portrait

One Sunday morning, I took a selfie immediately after waking up. I didn’t brush my hair, shower or move from the position I had been in when I was sleeping. I still had the duvet pulled up to my chin! This was a selfie for my eyes only. However, weeks later, I was searching through my camera role for something to paint and I came across this forgotten selfie. It struck me as so different to my other selfies in its angle and nature and I decided to paint it with oil paints. My intention behind this painting is to make what I call a ‘slow selfie’. I call it this because oil paints are a famously slow and traditional medium to use which juxtaposes the speed of selfies. I used this painting to explore my own self image and upend the constraints of western culture’s beauty standards.