Pagan Ritual in Castle Ruins

Kitty, Age 16

  • Photograph
  • A4 landscape

I was inspired to make this photograph by the way Paganism is shown in paintings throughout history as very mystical and romanticised, and its recent increase in popularity. Its definition is a 'religion other than one of the main world religions'. I researched Pagan myths, rituals, beliefs (which have changed over time), as well as 'modern Paganism' and festivals. The split sky represents the festival of Ostara (balance between night and day), with the dancing figures showing a typical ritual. I used castle ruins to show that this is happening in the modern-day, not when the castle was new and Paganism was a larger movement. Due to Covid-19, I could not use many models, so I photoshopped photos of me and my sister to appear as though there is a group of worshippers.