Felix’s Family

Grace, Age 5

  • Painting
  • Acrylic, ink and pen on cardboard
  • 50(w) 29(h) 1(d) mm

I painted this last year sitting under the oak tree. This is the Fox family. Felix Grace is the baby vixen fox in the middle. She is with her mummy and her daddy. They are at our allotment, we see real foxes there. If Felix gets hot in the sun, she can go into the lair cave and there is a waterslide there for her to cool down. I painted on cardboard because we had no more painting paper at home. It was lockdown, so we had to wait a long time for the delivery. I liked painting on cardboard because I liked the colour of it and the bumpy bits. My painting was for a Renegade Theatre drama club project. We made 'The Fabulous Foxtrot Ball' film on Zoom and at Venture Centre after the virus was going down.

I feel excited, happy and calm when I paint.