Counting Covid

Collaboration, Abigail and Year 5, Age 10

  • Installation
  • Plus-plus construction pieces
  • 7280(w) 24(h) 5570(d) mm

This installation represents all the people who have died from Covid-19 in London. Each 'person' is made using Plus-Plus construction blocks, this piece includes over 15,000 'people'. I was inspired to make this work after reading about the huge death toll from Covid-19. Each 'person' is different and has their own personality, just like each person is different. My teacher Mr Rudd and Judy helped to get my whole class and some siblings involved to build the 'people'. The Plus-Plus company donated 84,000 blocks to our project. It helped us talk about how the virus has affected us and our families. We set them all up in St Augustine's Church, it is quite emotional to see the number of people who have lost their lives because of this virus.
Photos by Tom Bogdanowicz.