Isaac, Age 11

  • Photograph
  • Digital art
  • 300(w) 450(h) 1(d) mm

I have really missed my cousins and only seen them through a laptop screen. Tristan has Down Syndrome and a rare disease that can affect his breathing, so he has been shielding. I have called my artwork 'Shielding' as you can see me protecting my cousins with my laptop. I wanted this to represent how I have helped protect Tristan by staying at home. The rainbow that shoots out of my laptop is like a forcefield that is keeping us safe from the invading Covid-19 monster with its laser-beam eyes. Ophelia lovingly has her hand on Tristan’s shoulder and with her other arm shows Tristan’s strength, her own, and that of their mum and dad. My sister represents how scary the virus has been for children.