Daily Perspective

Anna, Age 16

  • Painting
  • Gouache on paper
  • A3 landscape

Over the past year, we’ve all spent most of our time stuck at home. During this period we may have paid more attention to things in our house that we have overlooked before. I was inspired by this idea, looking at something that would usually be unexciting, but, if you look closer, could be something beautiful. A sink. A seemingly boring household appliance that we use every day, however, looking closer you can see the mirroring of the entire room on the tap, or the colourful soap gleaming in the sun and leaving a bright reflection on the surface. Usually, when painting, I tend to use abstract or entrancing objects as reference, however, I realised that you can find beauty in anything, you just have to look closer. Even the things you use daily could have a hidden charm that could make a piece just as interesting.