Grandad and Moss Relaxing at Knoll Beach, Dorset

Daisy, Year 8

  • Mixed media
  • Plasticine, wood, kinetic sand, background acrylic on canvas
  • 300(w) 300(h) 300(d) mm

My grandad passed away on the 16th April 2020 in the midst of lockdown. It has hit me really hard - he was a massive part of my life as I am homeschooled and I saw him every day. To help me through my grief, I decided to make a Plasticine model of him and our dog Moss from happier times at Knoll Beach, Dorset last April. I then made an Acrylic on canvas backdrop of the beach scene. I suffer from anxiety and art/being creative has always been a massive help to me.

In loving memory of my Grandad
Alan Edward Daly: 14.10.35 – 16.04.20