Coming Home

Leon, Age 12

  • Painting
  • Watercolour paint on watercolour paper
  • A3 landscape

This illustration I have done called, ‘Coming Home’ is representing one of my passions, vintage aircrafts. (1920s-1940s) I also love spies, detectives and agents in general. I am a giant Tintin and Blake and Mortimer fan. I always make comics in my spare time. This scene is set in a 1929 Scandinavian harbour. Look at all the hustle and bustle going on down there. This pilot is flying his homemade / modified flying boat, called ‘J-P M16-AC EG 1929’ into the harbour that he calls home. This means a lot to me because it is the first time I have drawn a plane with such detail on an A3 watercolour paper. I usually do them on a A5 or A4 paper with not as much detail. So it means a lot to me, as it is the first time I have done something like this.