Personality Split

Richman, Age 13

  • Photograph
  • 200(w) 210(h) 1(d) mm

I've seen films and news about mental personality disorder, which is when there's a person who has personality but when they go into that personality there is a whole new person, their whole body changes and they all are in the same body but they don't know about each other. So using my graphics skills from art i created this picture to show what i understand and to show other people. So i created 2 personalities and 1 of them is the main person who when gets those personalities switch. The one on the left is the fashion, style and love part of him. On the right is anger, curiosity and aggressiveness. In the middle is the main body whose personalities are combined to make peace. So when the middle one feels either like the one on the left or right he changes into them.It is basically a personality split.