Hospital Drawings

Cristiana, Age 14

  • Drawing
  • 1500(w) 210(h) 0(d) mm

Lockdown had a very negative impact on my mental health. A lack of confidence combined with anxiety led me to restricting my food intake, and I was admitted to hospital where I was confined to my bed all day. Drawing was my only escape from the oppressive food regimes and medical check-ups. It gave me a sense of purpose and success as people enjoyed them. The drawings show my bed in James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough, a view from my window to ‘normal’ life outside, and the ward corridor - which all capture moments from my corner of the world in this unfamiliar place. The final two images show WHSmith and the café, happier spaces where I would be taken in my wheelchair to meet family and friends who helped me feel more connected to real life, and were so important in supporting me in my recovery.