Identity Crisis

Oheji, Age 17

  • Sculpture
  • White cardboard paper, brown carton paper and plastic white mask
  • 50(w) 80(h) 30(d) mm

This paper fashioned piece is based on the identity crisis we as youths suffer; especially in the current time where we are a combination of what we are and where we came from. This really makes us wonder who we are today. In the end, this piece really expanded my ability to connect with my background, where it really opened my view of the pathways that made me. I hope this work inspires the youths of today and helps in guiding them down this journey called life, because life is a journey that is not traveled alone but with friends, family, and partners. The techniques I have picked up from this module are mostly paper-based. Paper being the preferred media for this module, my paper weaving and building skills were really elevated.