Scarlett, Age 14

  • Drawing
  • Crayons de couleur
  • A4 landscape

When I am making my drawings, my entire focus is on them. Technically, this piece is divided. It is nine colours but I split it into four groups. Some colours should not be close to each other - they just don’t work. These colours work - enough. Silver and gold are shiny and whenever you have gold, you have to have silver - they basically are the Yin and Yang of colours. When I have finished a picture, I feel very tired because it takes all of my energy - I am emotionally drained. I drew this picture because I was bored of working with other shapes. I’m not always bored.

It is very important that the purple is in the bottom right corner. I hand-draw my work using soft-core ‘crayons de couleur’. Although they break a lot, they have vibrant, unexpected colour.