Parliament Get Your Act Together

Lorna, Age 17

  • Mixed media
  • Print, mixed media and digital
  • A3 portrait

According to the data from "Institute for Government "and "House of Commons Library", the proportion of female MPs within our parliament in 2019 was a mere 34%. A record high. As of March 2022, that record has been broken. Presently, that statistic has risen by one percent, meaning 35% of MPs are women. What reason is there for this inequality? With a country still dominated by the gender pay gap, (with men getting up to 45% more pay in some professions, according to 2021's data in Office of National Statistics) are we truly living in an equal society? Alongside the hypocrisy within the UK's government and that whole fiasco of Party Gate, it is more than fair to say that Parliament should get its act together.

Currently on free display at the RA