The Presents Given By the Animals to the Pretty Girl Sleeping on the Cloud

Yutong, Age 7

  • Drawing
  • 386(w) 295(h) 0.5(d) mm

There once was a girl called Lila sleeping in a dream. There she was sleeping on that fluffy cloud in the midnight sky that was filled with dreams and shining little stars saying ‘Hi Lila’ with a smile. Then, a giraffe holding a present which was a bag of chocolate bent down its neck and put it in Lila’s little hands. A penguin gave her a frame with a heart in it. The cutest animal (the little pig wearing glasses) had given her a flowerpot. The little bunny gave Lila a pet cat. Finally, the tiger gave Lila a star that woke her up on the fluffy cloud as she was saying goodbye to the animals. The next morning, she met the animals and the little presents.