Beer Headland

Tabitha, Age 15

  • Painting
  • A1 landscape

I responded to the theme of 'Environment' for this artwork, and took inspiration from Andrea Kowch in terms of using her dark, earthy tones and intense use of texture and pattern. I wanted to take the older, 'renaissance style' and fuse this with a more modern technique for a deliberately menacing quality. The divide that exists today between status, portrait, role and reason for capturing a self image is very different from those which existed historically speaking; our environment has somewhat changed. Living in the countryside has made me appreciate my surroundings and I very much wished to incorporate the scenes that I relate to and that are representative of my home. As such, I worked from primary images to capture the area in which I live: Beer Headland. The single subject is designed to be gently confrontational in order to resonate with the viewer.