Honest Akif

Charlie, Age 17

  • Painting
  • Oil paint and acrylic paint on canvas
  • 505(w) 755(h) 10(d) mm

Spending time in isolation, honesty became very present and important to me. I felt that the time alone confronted me with all kinds of challenges I would simply have ignored had I not been quarantined. I began to think about who I really was, what I really liked, and decided to spend the time painting in efforts to find out. I used references of my friends who I admired for their honesty and their individuality. I used the wine glasses to represent both transparency and false characters. I envisioned people at a high profile party, lying through their teeth to seem the most collected and sophisticated. The honesty of my friends contrasted with the idea of false identities helped to communicate the strange plane I found myself in, trying to figure myself out.