Jamaican Journey

Jasper, Age 18

  • Painting
  • Pen, pencil, acrylic paint and mod podge
  • A2 portrait

My artwork is inspired by the quote “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots,” by Marcus Garvey. Reflecting on the importance of my family’s history, origin and culture has always been important to me, and I created this artwork to communicate these ideas about our individual heritage and origin. The portrait is of my mother, who was born and raised in Jamaica before moving to the UK in her early 20s. I used an old map of Jamaica layered over with vibrant colours and patterns and combined with delicate and detailed brushstrokes to bring my mother’s journey to canvas. For me this portrait is my way of expressing and reflecting on my mother’s origin and unique journey in life, as well as the culture of Jamaica that I know so well.