Isolation & Introspection

Jasmine, Age 17

  • Painting
  • Oil on linen paper
  • 475(w) 336(h) 1(d) mm

Through a cropped composition, a slouched posture, and a stifling void for a background, I wanted to capture the stinging loneliness of isolation but the refreshing clarity of introspection that it allows for. The teal blue tint that ties the two self-portraits together is that of calico bedsheets at first light - either comforting in its hue or awfully cold. Waxen sheets had to be cyan blue and black material had to be navy; chlorine-blue became synonymous for introspective moments that were bound to end in a reinvention of self or perhaps, often more favourably, a return to bed. The skin also had to be perfused with this coldness, leaving a pallidity in its wake, to exhibit the daunting yet hopeful prospect that introspection will never be complete. The monotony of this routine is mirrored with repelling eyelines that are telling of this cyclical anticipation of what tomorrow’s introspection will unearth.

Currently on free display at the RA