Still Life With Fruit and Quack the Hybrid

Lara, Age 8

  • Painting
  • Cardboard, gouache and charcoal pencil
  • 685(w) 420(h) 10(d) mm

I love animals and everything about them. I also like creating imaginary animals, especially hybrid ones - they are made up of body parts from different real animals. I draw my imaginary creatures, then I cut them out and play with them. They live in my bedroom.

Initially, I was inspired by the Long, a kind and friendly Chinese dragon, who has body parts of 8 animals: head of a camel, paws of a tiger, eyes of a hare, etc. Quack the Hybrid has the body of a leopard, head and tongue of a snake, legs of a bird and the neck of a giraffe. He was walking on the dining table and entered my still life with fruits, a rock and a piece of wood. The still life became his tropical forest.