A Caterpillar Sat Upon a Lettuce Leaf

Collaboration, Hearing Impaired Base, Years 3-6, Age 7

  • Installation
  • Mixed media textiles
  • 3000(w) 2000(h) 1000(d) mm

During lockdown, children in the Hearing Impaired Base from ages 7- 11 (Years 3 - 6) listened to a variety of poems read by the actress Catherine Russell. From this we started to create artwork inspired by the poems and began to witness the joy we were all gaining from creating art during this stressful time, finding the whole process uplifting, and it became a daily ritual for us to gather together and create. This work was inspired by a poem, 'The Caterpillar's Song', written by Catherine's Father, Nicholas Smith. We continued to learn and explore new art forms and this piece includes weaving, working with wool and tie-dyeing.

We hope you enjoy exploring the end process of us creating something wonderful and unique together. If you would like to listen to the poem, please visit Catherine's YouTube channel.