Moulding Memories

Collaboration, children and young people from Kirklees, Age 10

  • Installation
  • Pulped paper
  • 3000(w) 70(h) 5000(d) mm

'Moulding Memories' is an installation created by hundreds of children. It captures the thoughts and feelings of children and young people as a lasting monument of this time.

Through creative writing, drawing and collage, this project supported children and young people to tell their stories and explore their feelings about Covid-19. Their creative work was pulped and moulded into blocks. These 'memory blocks' act as time capsules, archiving their experiences of living through a pandemic.

Moulding Memories contains over 150 blocks created by up to 1000 children from 17 schools and youth groups. The project was devised by artist Lucie MacGregor and produced by The Children’s Art School. The project is part of Our Biennale, a Kirklees festival celebrating arts and culture with young people. Our Biennale is funded by Arts Council England and delivered by The Children’s Art School on behalf of Evoke, the Kirklees cultural education partnership.