Lanku - Save the Rhino

Kyla, Age 8; Ami, Age 9; Rafi, Age 11; Doron, Age 13; Aitan, Age 15; Matty, Age 16 and Yael (team leader), Age 18

  • Model
  • Chicken wire, old goalposts, newspaper, paint, glue
  • 2000(w) 1500(h) 1000(d) mm

In nature one of the most powerful and majestic animals is the rhino. We have sponsored a WWF rhino called Lanku for a number of years. The sculpture here of an African white rhino was created during the Covid-19 lockdown to raise awareness - they are poached for horns and are close to extinction. It is made out of newspapers, broken goalposts and chicken wire. We also ran a school campaign to both raise awareness of the devastating situation rhinos are in, and raise money to support them. We placed the Lanku we made in our driveway so people walking past could take photos and find out more about this incredible endangered animal. Please support this cause. We also need a new home for Lanku as he won’t fit through our front door!