Camel Rock

Sam, Age 14

  • Mixed media
  • Acrylic paint, collage, sharpie pen, acrylic ink, eggshell, string on board
  • 910(w) 615(h) 40(d) mm

This artwork is my second final piece for my art GCSE. It’s a view from Porth Hellick beach on the Isles of Scilly of a rocky promontory called Camel Rock, a jumble of rocks that I enjoy climbing every time I visit the islands. The islands are a very special place for me, so I really enjoyed creating this artwork.

For the collage I used pages from Isles of Scilly magazines, vintage postcards, maps and holiday photos I've taken myself. The articles that make up the boat collage are important to the islands – sustainable fishing, plastic pollution, water conservation. I also hid my family’s faces in the collage as we have such great memories of holidays there. I used paint techniques such as sgraffito, flicking and sponging and created seaweed texture in the foreground by mixing crushed eggshell and snipped string into the paint before applying to the board.