Restless Chaos

N.Eastman, Age 15

  • Photograph
  • Taken on nikon d60 dslr camera using a nikkor 35mm lense with digitally painted blue background. pixel dimensions 2099 px x 1163px
  • 555.36(w) 307.71(h) 0(d) mm

I took these shots as a part of my GCSE photography coursework under the theme 'Me, myself and lockdown'. I asked my older sister to do a portrait shoot with me via FaceTime to emphasise the strangeness of seeing my sister most days through a screen but being separated from her by the pandemic and social distancing measures. The middle image of Millie 'flying' shows how frustrating it can feel trapped in the same place, like a caged animal or bird, desperate to escape your house. I like how the photos have the feeling of a traditional portrait shoot, but the addition of the iPad, as well as my image in the corner, gives a more distanced feeling which shows how all of our interactions over the past year have been more intense despite being further apart.