Time in Pieces

Abbie, Age 16

  • Painting
  • Acrylic paint on board
  • 1220(w) 940(h) 3(d) mm

Suffering from scoliosis meant being in and out of hospital from 2017. Three operations, seven weeks in hospital and ridged back braces day and night; the experience was both mentally and physically draining. In this piece, I focus on the idea of painfully endless time; fragments of hidden meanings and entities sprawled across the piece, and an emotional thought process. By using objects that related to my hospital experience; clock, wire, necklace, hospital band and brick (the view from my hospital window), I drew shapes I saw within them. Painting with movement and emotion, solid-block-coloured shapes appeared. The clock being the most significant shape, time was slow, and excruciatingly, painfully annoying during my time in hospital.

This is a geometric abstraction piece, painted with acrylic in vivid and vibrant colours, that represents the need I had to remain positive about my future at that time.