Midnight Drive

Ronan, Age 16

  • Painting
  • Acrylic paint on canvas
  • A3 landscape

This is an artwork inspired by Shaun Morris, depicting a near-empty petrol station during the night. I chose this place as I was fascinated by the way the gas station itself seemed separate from the night, with its fluorescent light shining as if it were day. The only indication that you were in the dark is if you looked out past the cars into the sky. It is almost its own environment, secluded from the surroundings despite being completely open on all sides. The blackness of the night provides the walls that the petrol station lacks. Within the light, the red of the tail lights bounces around, reflecting off every surface and in the watery ground. In the wing mirror, you can see the supermarkets reflected, distant from this secluded yet open place.