Ashley-Rae, Age 19

  • Painting
  • Acrylic paint on paper
  • A3 landscape

During the lockdown last year I began painting my family and grew increasingly interested in incorporating them into my art. I also began looking through old family photos and started exploring the relationship between photography and art. With this painting my intention was to depict how photos capture moments of time in singular, flattened and posed images. I purposefully chose an image where the figures were aware that they were being photographed to emphasize that the painting was informed by a photo. I deconstructed the image into abstracted shapes to show the flattening effect of photographs and I photocopied the painting a number of times during its creation, painting directly onto the photocopy each time, which created a glow behind the colours that highlighted the areas lightened by the camera's flash.

Currently on free display at the RA