Symbolic Still Life

Ayisha, Age 17

  • Drawing
  • Oil pastel on sketchbook paper
  • A3 portrait

The symbolisation of femininity through the arrangement of natural objects and ceramics, inspired by Frances Palmer’s work. The use of the blue scarf base adds a soft, feminine texture and depth to the ensembles as it symbolises loyalty. Each ceramic, purposefully arranged to have levels, has different patterns and colours, this makes the ensemble more engaging, complex and detailed. Their positioning in relation with the flowers also creates a sense of unity. Within art, flowers are the strongest and most intense symbol of femininity so I chose them to be a focal point in my ensemble. I expanded on Palmer’s work by incorporating fruits with feminine symbolism to enhance meaning in my ensemble. For example, I included fruits such as lemons (purification and love) and pears (the female form). Each fruit is brightly coloured, with its own individual shapes which add texture throughout, furthering the ensemble's representation of femininity.