Voyage to Lacus Mortis

Elizabeth (Astro Liz's Lab), Age 7

  • Sculpture
  • Acrylic paint on paper clay
  • 204(w) 204(h) 204(d) mm

I created 'Voyage to Lacus Mortis' to celebrate a historical journey my lunar time capsule is making to the Lacus Mortis ("Lake of Death") area of the moon later this year. I will become the first child in history to send an object to the moon! The sculpture represents my love of space and my adventures past, present and future. My time capsule will soon travel 384,400 km on board Astrobotic Technology's Peregrine lander to the lunar surface, where it will remain eternally in an ancient lava plain. I hope to visit the landing site when I'm grown up and to become the first human to walk around the moon. 'Voyage to Lacus Mortis' was created with the same passion, enthusiasm and determination that gave me the chance to make space history this year and I hope it inspires people to dream bigger and explore further!