From the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Eve, Age 16

  • Drawing
  • Fine liner on book pages
  • 420(w) 220(h) 0(d) mm

My artwork is inspired by the novel, 'The Outsiders', by S.E Hinton, set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960s. It is about a gang of juvenile delinquents. It focuses on 14-year-old boy, Ponyboy Curtis, his friend Johnny Cade and their gangster friend from New York, Dallas Winston, who land themselves in trouble. The problems faced in The Outsiders are still issues that young people face today. My artwork represents the innocent of our teenage years and the ruthless hit from reality when we realise we can’t be kids forever. It sheds light on the issues the young boys faced when all they wanted was to belong somewhere. Dallas Winston was a hood who did dangerous things, and that eventually caught up to him. Johnny and Ponyboy were not hoods, they were lost in a town on the wrong side of the tracks.