Ayni, Age 18

  • Mixed media
  • Procreate digital artwork
  • A4 landscape

People tend to look and stare.
The uncertainty of their thoughts creates paranoia.
I walk swiftly with my eyes on the ground.
Never up.
My identity is my sense of liberty and power whether people do choose to stare me down to nothingness.
Deep down their ignorance surfaces to the top, whilst my head is held high.
Paranoia still exists but trust and an overwhelming sense of gratitude keeps me going.
My identity keeps me going.
Sometimes feeling a sense of hopelessness is okay, but reminding yourself constantly that it is going to be okay whether people stop to stare or put you down, ultimately makes you the strongest person out there.
My identity is what keeps me going.
And as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said 'There is no virtue of one with white skin over one with black skin except by righteousness'.
My identity keeps me going.
- Ayni