Emotions in Colour

Collaboration, Maple Class, Age 19

  • Mixed media
  • Wood, papier-mâché, tissue paper, acrylic paint, recycled jewellery
  • 1970(w) 1230(h) 110(d) mm

Maple class is a class of complex needs pupils aged between 16-19 years old. The pupils can often find it difficult to discuss their feelings and emotions. As a class, the pupils explored and talked about different emotions and related them to different colours. They wrote poems about how they were feeling, then created a piece of artwork to convey an emotion that they were feeling at the time. Their piece of art was made from recycled mixed media and their chosen materials portrayed their feelings. The netting on the piece ‘Safe’ represents being protected from others. The spaghetti on the piece ‘Confused’ represents their brain feeling tangled. The film on ‘Thoughtful’ represents memories. The teardrop on ‘Trust’ shows that, sadly, trust can be broken.