The Regressive State

Owen, Age 17

  • Mixed media
  • Fine liner and collage on paper
  • 610(w) 680(h) 0(d) mm

Creating political art is a way for me to dissociate myself from the work to an audience, and allow my ideas and opinions to be listened to without arrogance presented towards them due to my age. My intention for this piece was to characterize the way in which I view the social state which our political landscape imposes, one of regression and melancholy. I went about this by characterising the systems as mephistophelian through the political face of the UK, then supporting this imagery with a dysfunctional industrial landscape as if it was to be fading or falling apart. The text on the left side of my work was added to guide the thoughts of an audience while observing the work. I used a violent form of typography to align with the harsh visual language of the piece, and bolded the striking language throughout to highlight the importance.