The Day Many Things Happened at the Same Time

Arabella, Age 5

  • Painting
  • Oil paint on canvas
  • 600(w) 900(h) 20(d) mm

I have been drawing and painting many of my own stories on papers and on canvases since I was 2 because I have got so many stories in my head and I couldn’t write them all down in words yet. This painting is one of my stories which I painted when I was 4 years old: Once upon a time, there was a little bird called Arabella who lives in a treetop castle. One day, she did not want to go to school, so she injured her foot by stamping very hard on the ground. Her mummy brought beautiful flowers to comfort her as she was crying loudly. On the same day, I went to play in a mouse town. On the same day, a prince married a princess in a faraway land. The old king waved goodbye as the prince drove away from the princess in her carriage.