Before and After

Alice, Age 10

  • Drawing
  • White chalk on sugar paper
  • A3 landscape

I was inspired after seeing two X-ray images of my own spine. The first was taken in August 2020 and showed a deteriorating curve in my spine. I have a mild form of spina bifida and the curve had increased as I had grown taller. I had moulds taken of my back with plaster and then a plastic Boston Brace made to measure. I named him "Bob" to try and stay cheerful about having to wear a solid brace 20 hours a day. When I went for an X-ray in February wearing "Bob", my curve was held in a much straighter position which made me very happy. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures and felt inspired to make a drawing from them. I chose chalk as the X-rays looked quite ghostly and I wanted to show the contrast between the background and the bright white of my bones.