The Nation Versus the Coronavirus Monster

Joe and Florence, Age 11

  • Photograph
  • A1 landscape

We were asked by our art teacher Rosie to create a battle scene for a school project. Because we had our birthday in lockdown and couldn't see our friends and family, we were feeling pretty cross about the situation and decided to make a battle of us fighting the coronavirus as if it were a monster. Instead of drawing it, we decided to photograph ourselves dressed up as different types of people that had been affected by the virus. We became an elderly lady, a farmer, a businesswoman, a schoolboy, a musician, a restaurant owner and an NHS worker. We also dressed up as Death. We then took photographs of each other and also took photos of the area around us, such as a supermarket and Alexandra Palace. We printed the images, added rainbows at the windows and made a collage to make the final picture.