Autumn Lane and Winter Lane, Diptych

Benjamin Fallow, Age 7

  • Painting
  • Pencil, watercolour, and lichen on paper, using a homemade paintbrush
  • A4 portrait

7-year-old Benjamin is a young artist and naturalist. He draws all the time and loves to draw out in the countryside - he’s been carrying paper and pens in his backpack since he was three! He’s passionate about protecting nature and wildlife, and wants to use his artwork to help nature. Benjamin’s work has been featured by Chris Packham, the Natural History Museum, the RSPB, Greenpeace UK, BBC Wildlife Magazine, and received amazing encouragement from his all-time hero David Attenborough!

"Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I love walking in the lanes near our village because you can see so much incredible nature there. I painted this to show what it feels like walking down them. It feels really incredible and exciting because you can just keep walking as long as you like, and you’re really free when you do that."