My Natural World

Larissa, Age 13

  • Photograph
  • A3 portrait

I took these photos to show the natural world around us in the seasons that they bring. The leaf shows the autumn season with bare trees and the leaves laying softly on the ground, the raindrops show the transition from autumn to winter and the snow and ice show the coldness of the winter season. They are a story of the timescale of lockdown, from the starting of autumn and the bare trees to the downfall of rain to show the coldness of winter, which is then transformed into the brutal snow and ice. The blueness and emptiness of the autumn sky shows the temperatures dropping, ready for the snowfall to come, and freezing rain. The second photo was captured in lockdown from the loneliness of the car. I angled the camera perfectly to make sure there was no reflection from the windows to capture the best possible photograph.