Freddie, Age 8

  • Mixed media
  • Charcoal, oil pastels, ink, on sand
  • 890(w) 770(h) 85(d) mm

Covid-19 makes me feel we are locked in a simplified world. It also feels we are living as history is being made. I made a fake cave wall out of a piece of bent metal sheet and sand and coloured it to look like rock. I found out that cavemen blew paint to make handprints, and I did this too, and then used charcoal to draw the images that remind me of Covid-19 and coloured them with earthy colours. There are pictures of the NHS rainbow, baking, camping, hands, face, space, Joe Wicks, Zoom, and my cat Nutmeg. My mummy and I have a Covid-19 virus on our hands as we were ill. I found it hard to draw on my rock, so it is amazing prehistoric cave art has survived.