Charlotte, Age 15

  • Painting
  • Acrylic paint on wood
  • A2 landscape

This piece is of my sister in the downstairs bathroom of my house. Both her and the setting are very familiar to me especially after spending lockdown with her. In the painting she is sitting cross legged on the floor of the bathroom, with the toilet close to her right knee and the sink just above her head, symbolising the instructions all around us to be regularly washing our hands. She is in her pyjamas, in the afternoon, and doesn't need or bother to get dressed, as days blend into one long period of time. The perspective is looking down at her, giving her a sense of power/hopelessness, she is right at the bottom both physically and mentally. Her gaze is looking away from the viewer, lost in her own thoughts. The theme of this piece was very inspired by the effects of the coronavirus even on young children.