Cocoon Coat

Arthur, Age 18

  • Textile
  • Denim, cotton
  • 700(w) 1500(h) 200(d) mm

The Cocoon Coat is meant to be worn by someone who shuts themselves inside, either because they are upset or because they don’t feel comfortable showing themselves on the outside. This is why it is essentially a sleeping bag with no sleeves. For me, it is a period of transition that one goes through like a caterpillar in a cocoon, before breaking out and growing wings to be a colourful butterfly. This is what the coat does, as I designed it to be attached to the back like a rucksack, once opened will hang down revealing a floral lining, as they have grown in this process. The coat represents becoming more comfortable with my ego and being happy with the art I make. Lockdown inspired me to make this piece, as I hope after this period inside the world will improve.