Fionn, Year 13

  • Model
  • Plaster, kapa line foamboard, wires, found objects, wood, old dolls-house furniture, heavy gesso, texture paste, patterned paper and acrylic paints
  • 300(w) 200(h) 300(d) mm

This piece is largely inspired by Mohamad Hafez’s ‘Unpacked’ series. The model displays two partially destroyed rooms – one Syrian, the other British. The interiors are intact representing that memories of their homes are more stable whilst the reality is quite different. The media shows us that these events are far from home but I wanted to show that the loss of home through war or other means is possible in either world and induces pain of equal measure. I have placed mirrors in both rooms so that you see your face staring back at you in one room and then in the other.