The Story of British Wildlife

Whole Year Group, Year 6

  • Installation
  • Recycled objects, material, clay
  • 1828(w) 1828(h) 990(d) mm

This is a collaborative installation inspired by the theme 'Endangered British Wildlife'. In Art and Design pupils created individual book sculptures inspired by the artist, Su Blackwell, showcasing different British species that are facing extinction. Pupils looked at the findings of The State of Nature report, 2019, and have included Scottish wildcats, Bechstein bats, Turtle Doves, water-voles and Hazel Dormice, along with other species. In Textiles pupils stitched a forest background, but they used shades of grey and black to highlight the plight of British trees and forests, in particular the endangerment of the Ash tree. Finally in Ceramics, pupils cast their hands to create hand sculptures. Year 6 thought deeply about what they were trying to say with their work, and realised that the storybook imagery lent itself to literally telling the 'story of nature is in our hands'.