Non Sine Sole Iris

Kaitlyn, Year 13

  • Painting
  • Oil paint on stretched canvas
  • 1000(w) 700(h) 40(d) mm

This painting is the final piece of my 'Conceal or Reveal' project from 2019. The seed for the idea germinated from a photograph I took of my mum wearing the elaborate eye test equipment at the optician’s, which completely concealed her eyes. Given that the eyes are supposedly the windows of the soul, I thought the equipment would be an interesting focal point to play around with as they conceal the soul of my mum. I found it interesting that the equipment distorts her pupils which further prevents the viewer from reading the eyes, and it also adds extra intrigue. I then studied how artists conceal or reveal different parts of their work; leaving subtle visual clues in order to direct the viewer towards a specific reaction. I referenced Elizabethan “Swagger Portraiture's” aesthetics of symbolism which encourages the viewer to reach the conclusion that the client wishes.