My Blue Plaque

Ulrico, Year 9

  • Painting
  • Oil on board
  • 400(w) 400(h) 10(d) mm

Being quarantined in a house with 4 sisters is not easy. They complain because I am around all the time, but when they don’t see me, they ask where I am. If they see a bug, they shout. This is how I discovered my new occupation: Bug Hunter. I spend my quarantine hunting bugs. They hide in curtains, bathrooms, and wardrobes. I pick them up by their long frail legs and throw them out of the window, wishing them a better life. I used to flush them down the toilet, but now I regret that. I feel sorry for these small creatures that spend entire days climbing up a window to only end up falling to the floor. I watch them for hours on their hopeless ventures over radiators, walls and lamps. I continuously ask myself what plan these industrious creatures might have at the beginning of their busy days.