Pigs in Blankets

Zoe, Year 14

  • Painting
  • Oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 1840(w) 1040(h) 0(d) mm

This painting explores the domestic relationship humans have with specific animals. I took inspiration from Miru Kim's installation 'I like pigs and pigs like me', in which she lived with pigs in a glass box within a shopping centre for several days. The initial idea for this painting also sparked when talking to a family friend about allowing her dog to sleep in her bed. As a result, I became interested in the intimate bonds we create with animals we deem to be acceptable to have in our homes, contrary to the way we treat animals we see as uncleanly. Stylistically, I used a very similar colour palette when painting the pig and the girl, as I wanted to create a small contrast between their bodies. I also wanted to make the subject matter of this piece culturally versatile, with pigs being symbolic in many countries for varying reasons.