I See Most

Haris, Year 9

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  • A4 portrait

'I See Most' depicts my mind, with the character in the forefront representing my moral compass. I was inspired to do this after learning about Kant’s 'Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals'. Specifically, the catalyst for this artwork was the notion that it is nearly impossible to find examples of pure moral actions. Nearly every action we observe can be attributed to some interest or motivation other than pure morality. I utilised this by showing that I recognise that my moral compass isn’t fully good. The characters face is warped, his left eye is bigger than his right, his nose is crooked and the clothing (inspired from the painting 'The School of Athens') sits uncomfortably on his body. But, the piece is still not abhorrent. The lush hills and quaint houses provide a shocking background, and make the piece balance between the foreground and backgrounds contrasting concepts.